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Six Exciting Activities You Can Do at Pandawa Beach, Follow the Guide!

    Pandawa Beach is a white sand beach which is very popular among tourists. You, as a traveler surely can’t miss the stunning scenery with its cleanliness and sloping stretch of coastline. What activities can you do on this beautiful beach? Let’s follow the following information.

    Fun Activities You Must Do at Pandawa Beach

    Not only watch the sunset or collect shells in the sand, but you can also try these exciting activities while visiting Pandawa Beach.

    1. Visit the Five Statues of the Pandawa Knights

    Why does this beach have the name ‘Pandawa’? The name comes from the Mahabharata story. Not only is the expanse of beautiful cliffs, but the manager also includes cultural elements on the beach.

    There are five knights that you can see from the cliff wall, namely Arjuna, Nakula, Yudistira, Bima, and Sadewa. The five statues that also get the nickname guardians are very beautifully carved by Balinese artists.

    2. Swim While Enjoying the Beauty of the Beach

    Prepare your swimsuit and enjoy the beauty of the beach where the water is clear. The relatively calm waves make Pandawa Beach a great place to swim. The serene panorama will not bore you when you have to be in the water all day long.

    If you are tired and want to relax, the right side of the beach has chair rentals complete with umbrellas. This place is perfect for you to take shelter and unwind.

    3. Playing Canoeing

    Do you want to try to ride a boat? Canoes are small boats that can move if you use oars. With this boat, you can go around the beach and enjoy the view of the blue sea. Don’t be afraid to drown because you are protected by a buoy.

    4. Seeing Seaweed Cultivation

    The west side of this beach is used by residents to cultivate seaweed. If you come to this side, you can see the farmers who work by tying the seeds, planting, and drying the seaweed. Do you want to try cultivation directly? Farmers will offer you this opportunity.

    5. Playing Paragliding on Timbis Hill

    How about enjoying the beauty of the beach by flying in the air? If you are dare, try paragliding from Bukit Timbis. By riding this paragliding, you can plunge while enjoying the wide sea view. The best time to try is during the afternoon and evening.

    6. Try Traditional Massage

    Getting a massage while looking at a calm beach view is a relaxing healing activity, isn’t it? You can try different types of massage. Starting from reflexology to traditional Balinese massage, even pedicures and manicures. Pamper yourself for a moment so you can continue your activities with a more relaxed body.

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