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Nusa Penida Tour Packages

    Nusa Penida Tour Packages

    Nusa Penida Tour Packages – When doing the Nusa Penida Tour, the western part of the island is perfect for those of you who like to find unique places to do various photography activities such as selfies and others. As the information, you should know, Nusa Penida is located in the southeast of Bali where the island is separated by a Badung Strait. To be able to get there, you need several sea transportation modes that are already available at Sanur Harbor. There are several options such as fast boats and traditional boats that you can rent at a fixed rate when you want to visit Nusa Penida Island. Make sure when you have arrived at Nusa Penida to visit the western part of the island. Various interesting places will give a new experience in your life. West part of the Nusa Penida Tour will present a very beautiful and stunning beach views such as Kelingking Beach, Angel Beach, Broken Beach to Crystal Bay Beach. Nusa Penida Island is not very wide, so every tourist destination that is there is located close to one another. This allows you to visit every Nusa Penida tour in just one day. It’s a very interesting thing for various types of holidays such as honeymoon, family vacation to get together with friends, Nusa Penida Tour Packages.

    Destinations Nusa Penida Tour Packages

    Kelingking Beach

    Kelingking Beach is one of the hidden paradises in Nusa Penida Island. When you do the Nusa Penida Tour and visit this place, you will see various high cliffs that surround it. Also, the cliffs, if viewed carefully, will look like a T-rex neck where later it can be a perfect place to capture several images and photos there. Kelingking Beach also has a very famous dive site that is often visited by world divers. The dive site is named Manta Point. When you dive there, you will see a very amazing underwater scenery. You will have the opportunity to meet the legendary manta rays.

    Angel Billabong

    The West part of the Nusa Penida Tour will take you to one of the beaches called Angel Beach or Angel Billabong. This one tourist spot is the mouth of a dead-end river that faces directly to the blue open sea. Visitors who often go there usually call it a natural pool created by nature. Angel Beach has multilevel watercolors that will look very amazing when viewed from a distance. Besides, the water on this beach is known to be very calm and clear. You can do various water activities like swimming or just sitting there while enjoying a very exotic view. For safety reasons, avoid swimming too far to the side.

    Broken Beach

    Broken Beach or commonly referred to by the local community as “Pasih Uug”. This beach is located approximately 35 minutes from Kelingking Beach and will offer natural scenery and a very unique beach because it is surrounded by rows of cliffs. The great thing that is on this beach is the existence of a large hole formed by natural processes in the middle of the cliff. If you see this beach from a high cliff, Broken Beach will look like a big well. Perfect peace or meditation will you get there because it is located far from the downtown crowd and people’s homes.

    Crystal Bay Beach

    Nusa Penida Tour Packages – When doing the Nusa Penida Tour, the thing you can’t miss is Crystal Bay Beach. In this place, you also see the view of seawater which is very clear and stunning. Also, this beach has a hidden underwater beauty where you can see various types of fish that are very exotic, healthy corals with beautiful colors and a variety of sea creatures. You can swim at this beach or do sunbathing activities to enjoy the atmosphere of this heavenly beach.

    Nusa Penida Tour Packages – Itinerary :

    6.30 AM Pick up in Your Hotel
    7.30 AM Take a ticket in Sanur Beach
    8.00 AM Departure to Nusa Penida.9.00 AM – Arrived in Nusa Penida and go to Destination by car : Pasih Uug / Broken Beach, Angels Billabong, Kelingking Beach, Crystal Beach
    4.15 PM Back to port for return to Sanur
    5.00 PM The boat leaving Nusa Penida
    5.45 PM Arrived in Sanur and Drop to the Hotel


    What Is Include?

    • Pick Up and Drop Off Hotel in Bali
    • Ticket Fastboat Sanur-Penida (go and return)
    • Private Car
    • Lunch in Resto
    • Mineral Water (AQUA)
    • Entrance Fee

    Pick up Area :

    • Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Airport, Benoa Harbour, Ubud.
    • Other pick up area please contact us for more detail.

    Term of Payments :

    • Payment is in Cash
    • Payment is settle at end of the day to the driver
    • Payment can be settle at the end of all services if you take more than one day tours
    • Payment with other currency will be convert to the current rate

    Cancellation Policy


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