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Kintamani Bangli

    Kintamani Bangli is an area in Bali that has many favorite and exciting destinations. Of course, you need these tourist spots for healing and forgetting your daily routine. If you want to know what tourist spot recommendations you can visit, please read the complete information below.

    Beautiful Tourism in Kintamani Bangli

    Kintamani Bangli is the home of mountains in Bali which have stunning panoramas. Before visiting the location directly, you must first get to know the recommended destinations through the following list.

    1. Hike from Mount Batur

    Not as high as Mount Agung, Mount Batur is only 1717 meters from the sea level. However, the mountain is very popular with tourists, and is where hikers flock to its peak to get to the sunrise spot.

    Every morning, tourists must catch up on time to enjoy the beauty of Lake Batur as seen from the height of the mountain. Until now, Mount Batur is still declared as an active volcano and has a sulfur smell from its crater.

    However, you don’t need to worry about this mountain in Kintamani Bangli, because Mount Batur is safe to climb and you are accompanied by a professional tour guide.

    2. Adding insight into the Batur Kintamani Geopark Museum

    If you’re still curious about Mount Batur and its history, you must visit this museum. The area of ​​the lake and Mount Batur has indeed received recognition from UNESCO as one of the richest mounts in the field of archeology.

    This museum consists of two floors which content collections of objects regarding biological and cultural diversity. If you visit the auditorium, you can watch educational films about volcanoes.

    3. Seeing a Beautiful Sunset at Sukawana Sunrise Spot

    Sunset is an amazing natural view that you shouldn’t miss. The location is very neat and has a platform to be called a cool spot. Don’t forget to relax for a while by ordering coffee at Sukawana Sunrise Cafe.

    4. Exercising at Mount Abang Kintamani

    If hiking is your hobby, this mountain should not be missed. Its altitude reaches 2152 meters above sea level. You can hike while exercising in a beautiful mountain environment with green trees. Uniquely, you can visit every post that has a temple.

    5. Feel the Cool Air in the Glagah Linggah Lestari Pine Forest

    The location of this pine forest is easy for you to find because it is close to people’s houses. While walking, you can enjoy the cool air and hear the sound of birds chirping. You can make this destination a real healing place.

    6. Learn Unique Customs at the Bayung Gede Kintamani Tourism Village

    Have you known about Balinese culture? If you haven’t, that’s probably because you haven’t visited this tourist village. You can learn about the ancient Balinese culture which is called Bali Aga. Not only seeing beautiful buildings, but you can also learn and add more insight.

    Which tourist attractions that attract you the most? Well, it’s time to put them into your itinenary when you plan to visit Bali. To explore Kintamani Bangli, you’d better do it with A super-friendly partner that can make the trip feel comfortable and enjoyable.

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