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Five Adventurous Activities in Ubud Bali

    Bali Rafting tour

    Bali tour guides can help those of you who are coming to Bali for the first time. Using this service, you can deal with all situations when you arrive in Ubud. What are you waiting for? Immediately, find out how you can do adventurous activities in Ubud in a fun way.

    Exciting Adventures in Ubud that You Can Do with  Bali Tour Guide


    Ubud is nestled in the incredible mountains and is not just a place for having fun. This place has many luxurious resorts where you can have fun after your exciting adventures. What kind of fun activities you can do in Ubud? Come on, find out through the following list.

    1. Cycling


    If you want to explore Ubud, it would be better to use a bicycle as a means of transportation. Besides increasing muscle strength, cycling is also enjoyable with friends or family.


    Currently, the newest tourist activity that you can do in Ubud is to use an electric bicycle. eBikes Bali is a service that rents electric bikes for you to explore.


    You can see and pass traditional villages, terraced rice fields, various fields, and famous temples worldwide. With Bali tour guide services, exploring the beautiful Ubud area can be more enjoyable.

    2. Using an Electric Scooter


    Apart from using electric bicycles, you can also use scooter services. No need to worry when using this facility because the use of electric scooters is accompanied by instructions for use and safety from the guide.

    3. Riding an ATV

    The choice of exciting activities with the Bali tour guide you can do in Ubud is enjoyable and can drive the adrenaline. There is a travel route from Keliki-Brasela Village in North Ubud using an ATV. The natural attractions that can catch your eye are the beautiful views of its rice fields, rivers, waterfalls, villages, and caves.

    4. Whitewater Rafting

    Bali Rafting tour 

    When talking about exciting activities that you can do in Ubud, then raftingwould be a perfect choice. There are two choices of rivers that you can explore, namely Telaga Waja and Ayung Rivers. Don’t worry about the heavy currents that you will pass because the travel equipment that is sure to be available is safe and comfortable.

    5. Sunrise Hike

    When you want to start the day in Ubud, remember to try the Mount Batur sunrise trekking adventure. At Kintamani Volcano, up there, you will see fantastic sunrise moments. You are among the clouds and can see the expanse of the sky.


    After you’ve had your breakfast, head down the mountain to visit a coffee plantation. Remember to get other activities that are no less exciting, like trying massage. Also, enjoy the view of the green forest around Mount Batur when you swing on Jungle Swing Bali.


    The journey feels very exciting, doesn’t it? Eventhough you just read it, you can feel the excitement already. So, just Come, feel, and enjoy the real journey with a Bali tour guide. You can get friendly and save services to your destination. Visit the following link to find packages at affordable prices according to your budget.


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